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One Piece 633 - Read One Piece ワンピース 633 Manga

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one piece manga 633
Basically Chopper fights while using drugs too. A drug does in a way alter a function of the body. Most of the time a drug is associated with a negative side effect. Chopper's rumble balls do actually fit the drug category very well but I did never hear any complaints about that. Even Luffy's gear 2 is like a "drug-mode" with a pretty big drawback in the past. Of course it's an ability of Luffy and he made it himself.
Though even doping with someone's own blood is considered as doping. In fact even coffee and co. are actually drugs. It all depends of the rules. A fight for live and death doesn't have any rules and it even seems that does drugs are pretty common (easy accessable).

The fishman using drugs shows actually their resolve and ambition in some way because they are risking their health for the bigger cause. Sometimes it's unavoidable to ignore something like honor when it's about other people and most of the fishman are actually fighting in a way for other people.
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